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Solar Charger 5.5 V/1.2 W 5000mAh Lithium Battery for charge iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, GPS Portable Jump Starter 12V with 13600mAh Lithium Battery for charge Smartphone, Tablet and to star car
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Solar Charger 5.5 V/1.2 W 5000mAh Lithium Battery for Phones   EurTeck 5.8 SmartPhone 4-core Android 4.2.1 S7589 3G White or Black
Photovoltaic Module Solar Panel 7W 12V Rollable PowerFilm   anti-cellulite body massager
Pocket Chair Fishing and Camping up to 100kg - H.24cm - Red   Bamboo Fiber Body Shaper - Grey
Stimulator Vibrating Dual Belt - Eurfitness   Fitness Perfect Sit-Up for Abdominal
Fitness Ab Roller Crunch for Abdominal   Fitness UU Slimming Circle for Abdominal
Set prepara insalate 9 pezzi   Shake N Take Bottle Blender
Ferro da stiro verticale Steam Buddy   Hip Shaper - Toning Machine
Automatic Infrared SOAP Dispenser - Magic Soap   Cehuloss Body Firming Anti-Cellulite Massager
One Touch Automatic Glass Jar Opener   Magic Opener